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Na vastgoed styling


No second chance for a first impression



Successful real estate agents know that beautifully designed and staged homes have more buyer appeal than vacant or non-staged homes. Statistics have shown that staged homes attrack more potential buyers, sell faster, bring higher offers and create happier sellers. Staging is the best marketing strategy available with proven results. Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, but a MUST. It's what will make the difference. 

WHY HOmestaging

Research has shown that sales styling also attracts more viewers and buyers in the Netherlands.

  • 90% of viewers decide on the based on atmosphere, light, smell and sound in the first two minutes

  • 90% of viewers can NOT see through the taste of the seller

  • The first blow is worth a drop


A professionally styled home is neutral and light, feels spacious and attractive. Partly thanks to an eye for detail. Spaces are functionally furnished. The focus is on the strengths of the object.

how does Be at home work

  1. Initial interview. I will visit the property without obligation and make an inventory of what is needed

  2. I make a list of recommendations in preparation for the hands on styling

  3. A list of activities that they can carry out themselves is discussed with the owner. You can think of painting the wall or moving large furniture.

  4. If necessary, lease of furniture and accessories

  5. Staging 

  6. After staging, I will make the real estate photo report



in front of

estate agents

  • Prepare for sale

  • Restyling of the house

  • Real estate photography

  • Furnishing model home

  • Furnishing an empty house

  • Relocation assistance

  • Interior styling

  • Color advice

  • Styling advice

advantage for you and your client

  • On average 8 to 15% more yield

  • More potential buyers

  • Sold faster

extra benefits for you as a real estate agent

  • I take over difficult conversations about tidying up, layout and taste. You can focus on the sale of the property.

  • I make sure that every room has a function and that all "selling points" are clearly visible

  • I provide peace, space and atmosphere in every room

  • The house is quickly ready for presentation.

  • A photo report is provided


The costs for the styling are amply recouped in the higher yield and faster turnaround time. In addition, a pleasant care service for both owner and the real estate agent is provided. You have a professional styled house including a high- quality photo report. After all, homestaging is a profession.

REAL EXAMPLES which image sells best?

a small investment

Emptying a dated home is not necessary, professional styling using your own furniture combined with a custom accessory package is a small investment for a great result.

a little effort

Sometimes a lick of paint can make a huge difference. The room comes out so much better..

the possibilities

With a 3D view you gain an insight into the possibilities after renovation or other use of the space.


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