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from start to finish in the Marche, Italy

Creative project support

Realizing your dream project in the Marche can be very challenging.

As an interior designer, I am here to guide you through the creative aspects of your project, encompassing design, layout, material and color selection, furnishing, and styling. My experience ensures professional guidance. I speak fluent Italian and am familiar with the local market and customs.

My approach starts with a comprehensive exploration of your style and living aspirations. Sustainability and long-term considerations are paramount in my decisions, whether it involves renovation, remodeling, or restoration. It is essential for me to harmonize the fundamental design of the house with the distinctive features of the environment.

For he design design and styling, I initially prioritize functionality, considering how you intend to utilize the spaces. Subsequently, I customize materials, shapes, ambiance, and color to align with your specific wishes and style, be it sleek modern design or rural authenticity. Irrespective of the budget – whether it be substantial or modest – and whether it involves second-hand items, new design, or a blend of both, I ensure that my designs coalesce into a harmonious whole.

For those still in the Netherlands, a virtual tour of your future home via Zoom is available, allowing us to explore all possibilities together. Additionally, I ensure that your appointments in Italy with all parties involved and the selection of materials are as efficient as possible.

Throughout the process, I collaborate closely with your geometra, who oversees the technical aspects of the project. Their expertise is indispensable, and each stage necessitates meticulous guidance to ensure compliance with Italian building regulations.

Together we create a beautiful project that you will look back on with pleasure and where you can fully enjoy your Italian dream!


Interieur impressie

Based on your wishes, I propose a convenient and practical layout. I show the various possibilities by means of floor plan and 3D.

The layout

By capturing the mood, you make choices easier. It provides guidance for the choice of colour, materials, structures and shape.

Sfeer bepalen

Finally the implementation can begin. How nice is that! Some new matched with old and your own treasures for your own personal atmosphere.


You can contact me on +31 6 28 44 00 92

or send me an e-mail with your contact details
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